Denny’s adds new Melts and Bowls to their menu

Denny's Slam It! Double Moons Over My Hammy sandwich. Photo provided by Denny's
Denny's Slam It! Double Moons Over My Hammy sandwich. Photo provided by Denny's /

Denny’s understands that there are still plenty of weeks of cold weather ahead of the country, and that means we want some cozy meals to warm us up. And what better way to warm up than with some tasty Melts and delicious Bowls? Luckily for us, they have decided to give us five new menu items that will leave our taste buds truly satisfied.

According to a press release from Denny’s, take the chill of winter off with the help of three new Melts, including a take on the classic Moons Over My Hammy sandwich! The other two new additions to the menu are Bowls, that give us some classic flavors that are pure comfort food.

So what exactly did Denny’s add to their menu? And what are we looking forward to the most?

Denny’s adds three new offerings to their menu, including three new Melts

Denny’s New Melts. Photo provided by Denny’s /

New Melts on the Denny’s Menu:

  • Moons Over My Hammy Slam It! – Take the iconic Moons Over My Hammy and double it all! This Slam It! features ham, cheese, and eggs doubled. (It may not be a classic Melt, but honestly it totally is.)
  • The Nashville Hot Chicken Melt – Looking for some heat with your Melt? Then you’ll want to order the new Nashville Hot Chicken Melt which gives you a piece of chicken breast that has been fried to golden perfection before being tossed in Nashville Hot Sauce. It is then put on Texas toast and topped with Swiss cheese, mayo and onions that have been caramelized. (This is definitely the Melt we are most excited to try!)
  • The Big Dipper Melt – For the third sandwich offering, we turn to the Big Dipper Melt. For this Melt we get pot roast topped with Swiss cheese in between grilled Texas toast. This is all topped with mayo and caramelized onions and then it is served with a side of wavy-cut fries and French onion au jus which is perfect for dipping. (We can’t wait to try this one too.)
Denny’s Mama D’s Pot Roast Bowl. Photo provided by Denny’s /

New Bowls on the Denny’s Menu:

  • Mama D’s Pot Roast Bowl – For this bowl (which screams comfort food), we get pot roast that is slow cooked and placed on top of carrots that have been roasted along with red-skinned mashed potatoes. This bowl also has onions and celery and is smothered in gravy and gives us a side of bread perfect for dipping in the gravy and eating with the pot roast and mashed potatoes. (Loving this bowl for so many reasons.)
  • Chicken Addiction Bowl – This bowl features chicken breast that is grilled and seasoned over a bed of broccoli and whole grain rice. It is topped with grilled mushrooms and an Alfredo sauce that adds a creamy element to the dish. Once again, this comes with a side of bread perfect for dipping and scooping. (Anytime Alfredo sauce is added, I am in. So this is definitely a bowl we are excited to try.)

We love when Denny’s adds new dishes to their menu, and with the arrival of their new Bowls and Melts, we are getting plenty of options for a tasty lunch or a comforting dinner. And with five dishes to choose from, we also know we can plan for a delicious meal five nights out of the week.

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What do you think of the new additions to the menu? Which of these offerings are you excited to try? Tell us in the comments below.