Pringles partners with Halo to give us a limited edition Moa Burger Wavy chip

Limited Edition Pringles Wavy Moa Burger Chips. Image courtesy of Pringles
Limited Edition Pringles Wavy Moa Burger Chips. Image courtesy of Pringles /

Pringles is taking their chips to a whole new level! With the help of Halo and the Moa bird found in the game, we are getting a limited edition wavy chip perfect for gaming and snacking.

Even if you aren’t into snacking while you play, these chips are a must try if you enjoy a wavy chip that packs a punch of flavor in every bite. But what exactly is a Moa for those unfamiliar with the world of Halo?

The Moa is a bird-like creature that doesn’t fly even though it has wings, as well as two legs and the head of a lizard creature with scales that run up its neck area. Basically, this is like a cross between a lizard and a bird.

Of course, since this is a fictional bird in a video game, you might be wondering how exactly Pringles is giving us a Moa Burger flavored chip. Well it is all about imagination of course and we are here for it.

Pringles launches a limited edition Halo-inspired Moa Burger Wavy Chip

In a press email from Pringles, we learned all the ins and outs of this flavor and we can’t wait to get our hands on a tube of these chips!

For the Moa Burger Wavy, we are getting a chip that brings together the flavors of beef, garlic, and a sweet ginger. The chip is then finished with red pepper and chili peppers to give every bite a kick.

It’s a bold crunch packed with flavors and that’s what you want from chips. You want bold and you want crisp. And with wavy chips, you get the texture too, making these new Halo-inspired chips ones you will want to try ASAP.

If you are as curious about these Moa Burger Pringles as I am, these chips will be available this month at Walmart and on the Walmart website. Just remember that these are limited edition chips, so you will want to pick them up while you can.

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What do you think of these Halo-inspired Pringles? Will you be trying these new Moa Burger chips? Tell us in the comments below.