Restaurants and grocery stores in the DFW that still require masks

San Martin's Bakery and Restaurant Valentine's Day dessert menu. Image by Sandy Casanova
San Martin's Bakery and Restaurant Valentine's Day dessert menu. Image by Sandy Casanova /

Earlier in March, the Texas state governor, Greg Abbott, decided to reopen all business to full capacity and remove mask mandates. But each business establishment is still able to enforce its own rules. That said, these are the restaurants and grocery stores still requiring all employees and shoppers to wear masks.

Not everyone is happy about the abandonment of masks and other CDC regulations, fights and protests have already begun. If many didn’t care to follow the regulations and wear a mask inside a store, imagine the chaos and angry Karens now!

Needless to say, the following weeks and months won’t be easy or quiet for shoppers, but we can still cooperate and support businesses that are still requiring masks.

Dallas and surrounding restaurants and grocery stores that require masks

According to mashed, some national grocery stores that have publicly stated that the mask rule will remain (as other guidance from the CDC), include Aldi, Kroger, pharmacies CVS and Walgreens, and Target.

Here’s a statement from Aldi states:

"“We are aware of the mask mandate lifts in both Texas and Mississippi where we have store locations. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic we have been following CDC guidelines, and we do not plan to make any adjustments to our safety measures at this time.”"

As for restaurants, that includes Tasty Tails, Val’s Cheesecakes, Sprinkle’s Cupcakes, Hillside Tavern, Earnest Donuts, Dream Cafe, Goldrush Cafe, Resident Taqueria, San Martin, Swizzle Tiki Bar, Beto & Sons, Flying Saucer, Salsa Limon, and The Flying Fish.

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The above are only some of our favorite locations, but we encourage you to check out a longer list of even more locations from Eater HERE.

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Do you know of a restaurant or small business that is still following CDC guidelines? Let us know about them!