Taco Bell is bringing back their Quesalupa with even more cheese than ever before

Taco Bell Introduces Its Cheesiest Quesalupa Ever. Image courtesy Taco Bell
Taco Bell Introduces Its Cheesiest Quesalupa Ever. Image courtesy Taco Bell /

Taco Bell fans rejoice! The Quesalupa is making a comeback for the first time since 2016 and it has even more cheese than it ever did.

And when I say this thing has more cheese, I mean it! In fact, according to the press release from Taco Bell we received, it seems that there is an impressive 50 percent more cheese in every Quesalupa this time around.

Cheese lovers this one’s for you, as the Quesalupa is once again taking the Chalupa and then stuffing that crispy shell with a blend of melted mozzarella and pepper jack cheese from edge to edge. Inside of the shell, we get all of the classic flavors we expect, including even more cheese thanks to the shredded cheese that joins the lettuce, diced tomatoes, seasoned beef, and sour cream.

When the Quesalupa first arrived on the Taco Bell menu, it delighted cheese lovers and left us wanting more. In fact, it was one of the chains biggest limited time releases ever. And now it seems that the geniuses at Taco Bell have figured out how to make it even better – with more cheese of course.

Taco Bell is bringing back the Quesalupa with even more cheesy goodness

Taco Bell
Taco Bell Introduces Its Cheesiest Quesalupa Ever. Image courtesy Taco Bell /

So when can we get our hands on the returning Quesalupa? Starting on March 10, Taco Bell Rewards Beta members will get first dibs on this cheesy bit of goodness. Then, on March 11, everyone will be able to snag the Quesalupa for themselves two ways. (Rewards members get access one day early and must order through the app for pickup either in store or through the drive-thru.)

Not only will we be able to snag a Quesalupa as an individual item, but it will also be available as a combo deal for $6.99. The $6.99 combo will give us a Quesalupa, two crunchy tacos, and a drink. And wondering how much just a single Quesalupa will run you? They will be just $2.99 each!

We are pretty excited about the return of the Quesalupa. It was definitely a favorite in 2016 and by adding more cheese, it can only get better and tastier.

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What do you think of Taco Bell bringing back this menu item? Are you excited? Will you be ordering one (or more)? Tell us in the comments below.