Fruity Pebbles now has merch and it must be ours

New Magic Fruity Pebbles, photo provided by Post
New Magic Fruity Pebbles, photo provided by Post /

Last year it seemed like you couldn’t go 20 minutes without hearing about how the iconic cereal Fruity Pebbles has been added to something. There were candy bars, a Starbucks Frappuccino, coffee creamers, ice cream — you name it!

While it can’t be argued that 2020 kind of bit the big one, for fans of Fruity Pebbles, it’s safe to say that all the new items provided some smiles and excitement.

So what can Fruity Pebbles devotees expect from 2021? Considering this year will mark the cereal’s 50th anniversary, you would think Post Cereal will kick things up to eleven and give fans even more Fruity Pebbles goodness.

And it turns out that goodness is going to start with a line of all-new merchandise that will let people know without any doubt where your cereal loyalties lie. Why? Because Delish is reporting that the 50th-anniversary celebration starts with a collaboration with Love Your Melon on a line of Fruity Pebbles clothing.

Get your Fruity Pebbles beanies and sweatshirts before they sell out

The new line is going to include both beanies and crew neck sweatshirts in sizes for men, women, and babies. They are all in a kaleidoscope of amazing colors that will make you think of the cereal. In addition, each piece includes a patch that commemorates not only the cereal but the show that originally inspired it, The Flintstones.

And it gets even better. For each item you buy, Love Your Melon will continue to donate 50% of the net profits toward pediatric cancer research. So you get to look good and feel good at the same time. It’s hard to argue with that.

The new Fruity Pebbles line is available on the Love Your Melon website while it lasts. So get yours while you can.

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