Hell’s Kitchen: Who from the Red Team will emerge victorious?

Finally, what should have happened last week on Hell’s Kitchen came to pass and Chef Gordon Ramsay had no choice but to send Marc home. Honestly, there really was no other choice. Cody tried to force Ramsay’s hand by putting himself up for elimination against Marc but he didn’t have to bother. Marc isn’t ready to be a head chef. End of story.

That said, from what we’ve seen the last few weeks, it’s tough to say that any of the chefs on the Blue Team are ready to be the head chef at Hell’s Kitchen in Lake Tahoe. That’s how bad their performance has been during dinner service.

Unlike last week, when it was mostly just Adam and Marc who couldn’t keep up, this week the entire Blue Team was a disaster. Undercooked steaks, timing issues, raw fish, you name it and someone on the Blue Team did it.

Meanwhile, the Red Team seems to have really hit a groove. They have had two amazing dinner services in a row and it doesn’t seem like that is going to change. Nikki was even pulled aside by Chef Ramsay so he could tell her just how good a job she’s doing.

Everything changes in Hell’s Kitchen when the black jackets arrive

At this point, it’s tough to think anyone from the Blue Team has a shot at winning the grand prize. Declan has shown glimmers of what he can do but then invariably messes up something and goes back to the bottom of the pack. Cody is just an a**hole who thinks he’s way better than he is and Amber just doesn’t have enough experience.

However, it’s still way too early to say which Red Team member could pull out the win. Kori has real skill and has demonstrated repeatedly she can cook with the best of them. Nikki and Mary Lou both have heaps of potential while Jordan is the only one on the Red Team who we really don’t think has a realistic shot.

Of course, the black jackets will be arriving very soon and that means everything will be essentially back to square one. The chefs who are left will have to learn to work together and some may rebound and others may falter.

Still, every indication is that the winner of Season 19 of Hell’s Kitchen will come from the Red Team. If someone from the Blue Team manages the comeback of the season it would be a huge shock and completely unexpected.

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