Whole Foods Market teams up with Headspace for a Spring of well-being including a Food for Mood series

Whole Foods Market and Headspace Collaboration Supports Well-Being for Mind and Body this Spring. Image courtesy Whole Foods Market
Whole Foods Market and Headspace Collaboration Supports Well-Being for Mind and Body this Spring. Image courtesy Whole Foods Market /

Looking to make Spring a more wholesome experience for mind and body? Whole Foods and Headspace have teamed up to help make that happen. And part of that journey is the arrival of their Food for Mood IGTV recipe series. (If you don’t know what IGTV is, that is the TV channel of Instagram.)

Thanks to a poll conducted on behalf of Whole Foods, we know that a large majority of people would like to take steps in their wellness journey to improve everything from their health to their overall happiness. And that means making certain aspects of your life a priority, which is where food comes in.

Food is something many of us can agree is about more than just health, it can also inspire happiness and nostalgia. It can be a major focus of good memories in our lives. So it just makes sense that Whole Foods and Headspace would team up for a recipe series called Food for Mood.

We already know that Whole Foods is a destination for people looking to eat healthier and add better nutrition to their diets. And for those unfamiliar with Headspace, it is an app dedicated to meditation and improving one’s mental training, mindfulness, and general happiness. Which is why this is the perfect partnership.

Whole Foods teams up with Headspace on a Spring journey of health and happiness

Whole Foods
Green Tea and Coconut–Poached Halibut with Sautéed Kale. Credit Sophia Roe /

Starting on March 18, people can tune in to the Whole Foods Instagram page, specifically their IGTV channel, in order to watch episodes of Food for Mood, a recipe series with health, wellness, and happiness in mind. Recipes were created by Sophia Roe, a chef who is known for being an advocate of food and welfare. Dr. Uma Naidoo is another expert, this time a chef and nutritional psychologist, who helped bring this series to life.

In a press release from Whole Foods, we learned that there will be four episodes of Food for Mood, which will give us recipes that are sure to brighten our moods, and get us into a mindset of being more intentional when it comes to putting together dishes for ourselves and our loved ones.

Recipes we can expect to see created before our very eyes include Seared Scallops with Jalapeño Crema, Green Tea and Coconut–Poached Halibut with Sautéed Kale, and even Turmeric Tempeh with Chamomile Steamed Asparagus. We can’t wait to actually watch these recipes come to life and learn more about why these are the dishes we should be enjoying this Spring.

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What do you think of Whole Foods and Headspace collaborating on the Food for Mood IGTV series? Will you be watching the episodes? What would you like to see more of from Whole Foods? Tell us in the comments below.