Her Name is Chef documentary to be released March 26

A documentary, Her Name is Chef will be released on March 26, read why it’s so important for foodies to watch, below!

Even before the hashtag #MeToo caused the inequalities suffered by women to be thrust into the spotlight like never before, most foodies were well aware of the difficult time women who want to be head chefs faced in the restaurant industry.

Sexual harassment, being passed over for promotions, and being looked upon as less than and not as talented as their male counterparts are just a few of the obstacles faced by women in the culinary arts. It is that very issue that the new documentary Her Name is Chef attempts to shine a light on.

The film, directed by Peter Ferriero, takes a hard look at gender equality in the restaurant business by interviewing six women who have risen to the top of their game and what it took for them to get there.

The interviews were conducted by Chef Leia Gaccione and include discussions with Elizabeth Falkner, Hillary Sterling, Esther Choi, Juliet Masters, Caroline Schiff, and the late Fatima Ali of Top Chef fame.

According to Deadline, while the film was initially intended to be an in-depth look at these six chefs and their careers, Her Name is Chef took on a slightly different tone when Ali passed away from bone cancer in 2019. While it isn’t strictly about her, Ali’s spirit weaves in and out of the documentary from beginning to end.

Her Name is Chef to be released on numerous platforms over the next few months.

In addition to being a lasting tribute to Ali, Her Name is Chef will also hopefully get the conversation started that female chefs deserve the same level of recognition as male chefs, if not more. Because let’s be honest, if most men had to go through what many women have to in order to become a head chef, the majority of them would give up long before they could cook their first steak.

With food and foodie culture riding a wave of popularity like never before, the time for a frank and honest look at gender equality is long overdue. Not just on the part of the men and women who work in the kitchens of your favorite restaurants, but on the part of the patrons who eat there as well.

Her Name is Chef will get a virtual theatrical release through Virgil Films & Entertainment on March 26. That will be followed by a Digital HD and VOD release on April 27 and finally will be available on DVD on May 11.

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