Entenmann’s makes Spring tastier than ever with their new Soft Baked Party Cake Cookies

Little Bites Soft Baked Party Cake Cookies. Image courtesy Entenmann's
Little Bites Soft Baked Party Cake Cookies. Image courtesy Entenmann's /

As someone who has always loved Entenmann’s baked goods, there is nothing I enjoy more than trying a new sweet treat from this company. This includes their mini bites goodies, which let us indulge without all the guilt.

When Entenmann’s first released their Little Bites Soft Baked Cookies I knew we were in for a treat. While they started out with a classic when they dropped their Chocolate Chip cookies, it hasn’t taken them long to take the flavors to the next level. Introducing the perfect spring cookie – Soft Baked Party Cake!

That’s right, the newest Entenmann’s creation is none other than a party cake inspired cookie. And it’s soft baked and mini. Basically, it is perfect for snack time, Easter treats, and so much more.

Seriously, these things are Easter and Spring ready.

Entenmann’s releases their newest sweet treat, Little Bites Soft Baked Mini Party Cake Cookies

With 30 cookies in each box, and each box containing 5 bags (meaning six cookies per serving), we can enjoy a sweet little pick me up any time we need one. And with the Entenmann’s bakery backing up these cookies, I know that they are a perfect bite every time.

Available right now in stores nationwide, you can throw a bag of cookies into your lunch bag or add it to your child’s lunch. With these being soft baked cookies, you know that every cookie in the bunch will be perfectly moist.

I’m obsessed with the fact that the flavor is inspired by cake, which also means that every cookie features a pop of color that is vibrant and perfect for Spring. Considering these are mini cookies, they would even be perfect as part of a charcuterie board (this is a trend that we are obsessed with, so we will find every treat we possibly can for a board of deliciousness).

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Are you a fan of Entenmann’s? Have you tried their Little Bites snacks before? Are you excited to try the Party Cake Cookies next? Tell us in the comments.