Partake Brewing is bringing refreshing, non-alcoholic craft beer to the U.S.

Partake Brewing selection. Image courtesy Partake Brewing
Partake Brewing selection. Image courtesy Partake Brewing /

Partake Brewing has been making non-alcoholic beer since its inception in 2017, but it recently broke into the U.S. market. Thanks to its new distributors, its non-alcoholic beverages offer an alternative option to those living in multiple states. (And for those residing elsewhere, it’s available online!)

From Total Wine to Whole Foods and Wegmans, Partake Brewing is now sold at more than 5,000 retail locations in the U.S., spanning Arizona, Maine, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Washington.

Ted Fleming, founder and CEO of the company, is excited about the opportunity to work with new partners and attract new customers, something he spoke about in a recent statement:

"“This is a thrilling time for Partake Brewing and we are proud to work with both our retail and distribution partners to redefine the non-alcoholic category and continue to deliver on our market position as a leading North American non-alcoholic craft beer. After an accelerated year of sales growth, the addition of these important U.S. markets provides us with an opportunity to meet the consumer’s growing interest and demand for non-alcoholic offerings while providing an unparalleled drinking experience.”"

Why Partake Brewing makes a great beverage option

If you’ve given up alcohol for any reason — or if you’re trying to cut back on alcoholic beverages heading into summer — Partake Brewing is a genuinely great alternative to regular craft beer. For those who may not “partake,” it’s just as refreshing as its alcoholic counterparts — and it doesn’t even taste all that different.

Plus, Partake products come in a variety of styles and flavors, so there’s something for everyone:

  • Red: Red is the newest addition to Partake’s lineup, and it’s ideal for those who enjoy a good English or Irish ale. It’s crafted with five malts and infused with ribbons of caramel malt and toast, so each sip is full of flavor.
  • Pale: If you like a nice, light beer, Partake’s Pale balances its bitter flavor with a combination of caramel malt and tropical tastes that will have you reaching into the fridge for seconds.
  • IPA: Partake’s IPA meshes a citrus flavor with sweet malt, resulting in a refreshing and bubbly drink that’s perfect on a hot day.
  • Blonde: Blonde is another great option for a day spent outdoors, with a classic and bubbly beer taste that will make you forget what you’re sipping is non-alcoholic.
  • Stout: If you’re someone who loves dark beer, don’t worry: Partake’s Stout is every bit as creamy and foamy as the brands it’s meant to imitate, and it’s got hints of nut and cacao sure to leave you wanting more.

Partake’s refreshing beers are perfect for a trip to the beach, or even just with dinner — and unlike alcoholic beer, they won’t leave you feeling bloated or sluggish afterward. In addition to being non-alcoholic, they’re also low-calorie and low-carb (though given their taste, you’d never know it).

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Would you try Partake Brewing’s non-alcoholic craft beer? What about it appeals to you? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!