Reese’s x HipDot makeup collaboration is now available

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Hershey's Valentine's Day and Easter 2021 sweets /

Who doesn’t want to be covered in peanut butter and chocolate? Ok, maybe that’s not entirely acceptable, but now you can feel like you are with Reese’s collaboration with beauty brand, HipDot. That’s right, there is another food makeup collaboration. And you thought the Peeps one was wild!

The new collection includes eyeshadows, lip balms, and brushes. Let’s start with the palettes. There are two palettes. It all depends if you like white chocolate or milk chocolate. For once, I think I might like white chocolate better. Shocking!

The milk chocolate palette comes with six shades with names ranging from Peanut Butter to Sweet to Tasty. The white chocolate palette also comes with six shades and the names include Confection, Snack Time, and Indulge. The palettes are $16 each.

There is also a lip duo that comes with two tinted lip balms. The first is called Chocolate Lovers and is a deep, dark red, and the second is more of a dark pink and is called Peanut Butter Lovers. The lip balm duo is $14 for the pack.

Reese’s has new makeup collection now available at HipDot

The final product is a pack of two dual-ended brushes. One side has an orange brush while the other side has a white one. These are definitely more eyeshadow or touch-up brushes than they are full-face ones. The pack of two is $16.

If you want everything all in one bag, you can buy the full collection. It’s $74 and comes in a pouch that looks like a classic Reese’s cup packaging. And speaking of packaging, it all looks like it could be in the candy aisle next to everyone’s favorite chocolate and peanut butter candy.

It’s orange, yellow, and brown (or white for the white chocolate palette) and the Reese’s yellow rounded font is used on everything from the lip balm containers to the outside of each palette.

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