Jamba expands their breakfast offerings to include some new fuel-good food options

Jamba's newest additions to their breakfast offerings. Image courtesy of Jamba.
Jamba's newest additions to their breakfast offerings. Image courtesy of Jamba. /

Jamba is expanding their line of breakfast offerings and we need them in our lives. No seriously, all three new fuel-good options sound amazing!

While we already know we can get our sip on at Jamba, we sometimes forget that they also have some tasty treats for fueling our days. And that’s why we are even more excited by the arrival of their “NEW fuel-good food menu items.”

The fact that we can snag these breakfast goodies in-store or for delivery is an added bonus that means even if we work from home, we can enjoy a little fuel to kickstart the day. And since Jamba is good about getting our day started right, we are here for these new offerings.

So what exactly has Jamba added to the menu?

Three new offerings have been added to the Jamba menu, perfect for breakfast

  • The Spring Veggie Egg Bake – This egg bake features artichoke hearts, leeks, and red bell peppers in a fluffy egg creation. As an added bonus of goodness, this bake is less than 200 calories and is a good source of both protein and calcium.
  • The Classic Sausage, Egg & Cheese Handwich – The Jamba take on a handheld sandwich, this Handwich features white cheddar cheese, pork sausage, and eggs. It is all layered together between a sprouted grain bun and it is packed with protein and just 320 calories.
  • The IMPOSSIBLE™ Handwich – For this Handwich, Jamba takes IMPOSSIBLE Sausage and adds white cheddar cheese between the sprouted grain buns. This is a treat at just 220 calories and 12 grams of protein!

When it comes to living a healthier lifestyle and enjoying a breakfast that will fuel our day, it is clear that Jamba understands and has us covered. And we are pretty excited to give all three of these morning-ready creations a try.

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What do you think of these three new additions to the menu? Are these something you would eat for a quick breakfast on the go? Tell us in the comments below.