Doritos voted most popular chip brand: What’s the best flavor?

Doritos Cool Ranch, photo provided by Doritos
Doritos Cool Ranch, photo provided by Doritos /

When you think about chips, I’m betting Doritos comes to mind as your favorite brand. But which chip flavor from the brand is your all-time favorite?

Do your taste buds crave treats that remind you of the good old days or are you always on the lookout for new flavors? Do you have a favorite chip flavor from Doritos or are they always changing?

No judgment here, our favorites are always changing, but Doritos is still our favorite brand. From Cool Ranch to Original, think of your favorite flavor before reading on to see which one mashed is reporting is the ultimate favorite among fans.

And the most popular Doritos flavor is…

According to the source, 655 Doritos fans were questioned and about 46% voted Cool Ranch as the most popular flavor! Are Cool Ranch your favorite chips from the brand? Cool Ranch is in my top 5 for sure, but I don’t think I prefer it over others.

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This number is significant because that’s nearly half of the 655 that would rather have Cool Ranch over all other flavors.

More favorites from the survey: 

Coming in hot are Spicy Nacho chips from Doritos, with 18.47% of votes! Spicy Sweet Chili received 14.66% of the votes. Here are more results:

  • Spicy Nacho: 18.47%
  • Spicy Sweet Chili: 14.66%
  • Flamin’ Hot Limon: 9.16%
  • Salsa Verde: 6.11%
  • Poppin’ Jalapeno: 5.65%

I have to say, I was not expecting to see these flavors. Spicy Nacho and Flamin’ Hot Limon, sure. And Cool Ranch? Definitely. But not the others.

Also, it sure does seem like Original is not the favorite of many,  but can you blame fans? With so many options, why would anyone stick with the Original?

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Where do your favorite flavors from Doritos stand compared to these results?