Bobby Flay is launching a new podcast with his daughter

Bobby Flay competing on Beat Bobby Flay. Image Courtesy Stephen Davis Phillips, Food Network
Bobby Flay competing on Beat Bobby Flay. Image Courtesy Stephen Davis Phillips, Food Network /

Chef and food personality Bobby Flay has never been one to sit on his laurels. It seems every time people turn around he has a new restaurant or cookbook or television series in the pipeline. Like most chefs dream of doing, Bobby Flay has become a brand unto itself as much as a celebrity chef.

So it should come as little shock that Flay has now decided to throw his hat into the world of podcasting. During the pandemic podcasts have only increased in popularity, with anyone who thinks they are anyone now releasing one.

But for Flay’s new series, he is not going it alone. Instead of going it solo, the chef is bringing his daughter Sophie Flay into the mix for a new podcast about food, cooking and family they are calling Always Hungry, which made its debut earlier this week.

This won’t be the first time the two have worked together however. The elder and younger Flays teamed up previously for the Food Network series The Flay List in 2019. According to Mashed, Always Hungry will see the pair talk about food, family and everything that you may find in between.

Bobby Flay will cook and Sophie plans to eat on Always Hungry.

Always Hungry will include all the staples you might expect from a podcast featuring Bobby Flay. You can bet on recipes, dinning and all things food, all focused on a central topic. Flay wants the series to seem more like a conversation between father and daughter and less like a scripted podcast.

In fact, according to Flay, Always Hungry is simply and extension of the conversations his family already has around the dinner table.

"“It’s really a conversation about life and being a parent, being a daughter, being friends, and being adventurous in the world of food. That’s what we do as a family, is we have conversations. I just thought it would be really interesting to continue on a podcast.”"

Odds are you are already a Bobby Flay fan, Always Hungry will be right up your alley. And if not, maybe you will enjoy seeing a side of the chef we don’t normally see, that of a loving father talking to his daughter. New episodes of Always Hungry arrive every Tuesday wherever you regularly get your podcasts.

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