Friday Favorite: SkinnyDipped launches chocolate peanut butter cups and they’ve won our taste buds over

SkinnyDipped launches peanut butter cups.
SkinnyDipped launches peanut butter cups. /

SkinnyDipped is known for its line of thinly-dipped nuts, but the brand recently released chocolate peanut butter cups and chocolate bars and these are some real winners!

It’s the season of summer sweets! But not everything is delicious (or good for you). Here’s a real treat you need to introduce to your taste buds immediately.

Foodie confession! Until recently, I wasn’t even aware of the brand SkinnyDipped. Truth is, I’m a Guilty Eater at heart, we all are here at Guilty Eats. So something with the word “skinny”  doesn’t exactly call out to me. If you’re the same, well, shame on us all.

SkinnyDipped exceeded my expectations. I imagined they would be good, but never did I believe these sweets would compare to Reese’s, let alone become my favorite over the more popular chocolate peanut butter brand.

Learn more about the brand, where to find these, and the new flavors, below. 

New SkinnyDipped flavors

The new flavors are peanut butter cups, both dark chocolate and milk chocolate versions, chocolate bars in salted caramel (my favorite) and almond sea salt.

These new flavors stay true to SkinnyDipped’s motto, which is guaranteeing more nut and less sugar in every bite. No Stevia or sugar alcohols are used. The brand promises peanut butter cup perfection and they do not disappoint!

These launched on April 13, 2021, so they are already available in stores (such as Target and Whole Foods) and online (Amazon). Find out where to buy them, HERE

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