Bring on the mystery as Pop-Tarts wants you to guess their new flavor

Pop-Tarts Mister E. Image courtesy Pop-Tarts
Pop-Tarts Mister E. Image courtesy Pop-Tarts /

It’s a Pop-Tarts Mister E! For the first time ever, our favorite toaster pastry brand is giving us a chance to win big and guess what the flavor is on their new mystery box.

According to a press release from Pop-Tarts, it seems that they had a bit of a break in at the factory leading to a new flavor being created. They ended up loving the creation so much that they have decided to hire Mister E to help them launch this new innovation.

In an effort to solve the mystery of this flavor, renowned investigator Mister E is doing his part of get the word out there about these toaster pastries. But he needs our help!

Fans of Pop-Tarts are invited to share their guesses about what the mystery flavor could be for a chance to win some amazing prizes. Among the prizes you could win are a hoodies and hats, as well as the ultimate prize, an Xbox Series S gaming console (there are apparently 10 of these up for grabs for mystery solvers).

Pop-Tarts is getting in on the mystery flavor fun with a new flavor

We are obsessed with the fact that Pop-Tarts has decided to give us a mystery flavor to kick off summer 2021. Not only is this a chance to have some fun with toaster pastries, but it is an interactive way to enjoy this treat.

And we are here for the prizes that go along with guessing the flavor of these new Pop-Tarts.

While we can’t offer up any guesses about the flavor of these toaster pastries, I can say that I am a fan and can’t wait for the big reveal. But for now, it is all about finding the Mister E boxes of Pop-Tarts and getting in those guesses.

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Are you excited for a mystery flavor of Pop-Tarts? Have you seen these boxes in store yet? Do you have any guesses for what the flavor could be. Tell us in the comments guilty eaters.