IHOP is moving forward with their flip’d concept

IHOP Announces New Flip’d Plans. Image courtesy IHOP
IHOP Announces New Flip’d Plans. Image courtesy IHOP /

The fast casual concept, flip’d from IHOP is moving forward! And thanks to their latest announcement, we know more about this restaurant innovation.

In December of 2019, IHOP announced that they were going to be launching a fast casual concept called flip’d by IHOP. These restaurants will feature an all day menu inspired by the parent restaurant’s current menu, but with an eye towards speed, convenience, price, and of course technology.

And after delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems that the chain is finally moving forward with this innovative concept. According to a press release from IHOP, it seems that the company has decided to pivot from their initial idea of sticking to solely urban markets and will now be operating flip’d locations in a number of areas beyond the urban cities, including suburban malls and “non-traditional convenience stores.”

Up first for the flip’d concept is a store set to open in New York City, with four more locations planned for 2021. But what can we expect from this fast casual concept?

IHOP is moving forward with their fast casual concept

IHOP Announces New Flip’d Plans. Image courtesy IHOP /

Unlike the traditional restaurants where you sit down and order from a menu, at flip’d locations, “Upon entering flip’d, visitors can order from a digital kiosk or directly at the counter. Guests will also be able to order their food online in advance and pick-up their items from a designated to-go area or have it delivered.”

Beyond the way we order our food and experience the menu, it is also about what we can get to eat. And while there are some classics that we expect from IHOP, they are also reimagining some dishes as well.

There will be a bit more of a focus towards dinner type meals, but we can still get eggs and pancakes at flip’d locations, which satisfies our breakfast loving hearts. In fact, the menu item we are most excited by is the Signature Pancake Bowls (there are options with this item that include a build your own bowl). And yes, there are egg sandwiches on the menu as well.

But if you are looking for lunch and dinner options, have no fear as there is everything from wraps and salads for grabbing on-the-go, to burritos and bowls made to order. Sandwich lovers can also snag a chicken sandwich or a Steakburger to satisfy their cravings as well.

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We are pretty excited to give flip’d by IHOP a try as we can appreciate the need for a fast casual restaurant like this. But what do you think? Are you curious about how these restaurants will work? Let us know guilty eaters.