Pure Leaf celebrates National Iced Tea Day in style

Photo: Pure Leaf's Collectible BravoCon Pure Glam and Pure Class bottles.. Image Courtesy Pure Leaf
Photo: Pure Leaf's Collectible BravoCon Pure Glam and Pure Class bottles.. Image Courtesy Pure Leaf /

Did you know that June 10 is National Iced Tea Day? Well the people are Pure Leaf want to make sure you remember in style.

And while you might think that means indulging in some ice cold iced tea (and we aren’t say no to this at all), they have taken the celebration to the next level. How you may ask? By offering us cozy gear that represents our Pure Leaf love!

As part of their new loungewear collection, we can get our hands on some adorable apparel inspired by our love of all things tea. So it makes sense that the Pure Leaf Store would offer us a chance to own The Pure Leaf Iced Tee Collection (get it…yes I laughed).

In this collection there are some epic sayings/expressions on colors that pop and really give us a tea vibe.

Pure Leaf
Credit: Pure Leaf and Julia Parzyck /

Pure Leaf celebrates National Iced Tea Day with their own loungewear collection

Among the expressions you can find on these pieces are:

  • Life’s a Peach
  • Don’t Call Me Sweet
  • I’m Always Extra
  • Green Tea Vibes
  • I’m the Sweet One

And honestly, if that doesn’t call to your tea loving soul, I don’t know what will.

So what all can you get in this loungewear collection? Well, there are tee shirts (of course), as well as shorts and hoodies. Think of this as taking the cozy magic of tea and bringing it to the next level in style.

The collections are broken into six categories – the Peach Collection, the Mango Hibiscus Collection, the Green Collection, the Unsweet Collection, the Sweet Collection, and the Extra Sweet Collection. So pick your mood or vibe and get your tee on!

I am personally obsessed with this entire line, and as a fan of Pure Leaf Tea, this is amazing. If you are a tea drinker, especially an iced tea drinker, then you’re going to need these pieces in your life to show off your love of this classic beverage.

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So which vibe are you? Do you love this collection as much as we do? Will you be snagging something for yourself? Let us know in the comments below.