Thanks to Nescafé, you can choose your coffee based on Enneagram type

Your Perfect Cup of Coffee Based on Your Enneagram Type. Image courtesy Nescafe
Your Perfect Cup of Coffee Based on Your Enneagram Type. Image courtesy Nescafe /

Personality tests can be a fun way to learn more about yourself, and the Enneagram system determines which of nine personality types individuals fit into. Those categories and the traits they’re based on can reveal a lot about a person — apparently, including what kind of coffee they’ll enjoy. With more and more people taking the Enneagram personality test over the past year, coffee brand Nescafe is offering coffee recommendations based on their results.

For the caffeine lovers out there, this could mark the perfect opportunity to change things up and try a new coffee order. Who knows? You may discover Nescafé is right about your tastes!

In the company’s new infographic, it lays out each of the nine personality types covered by the Enneagram, suggesting a coffee order (picture included!) that matches every one.

From more unique orders, like whipped coffee and iced honey lattes, to classic roasts, Nescafé is covering all of its bases (and giving us some serious cravings in the process).

Your Perfect Cup of Coffee Based on Your Enneagram Type. Image courtesy Nescafe
Your Perfect Cup of Coffee Based on Your Enneagram Type. Image courtesy Nescafe /

Which coffee should you order based on Enneagram type? Nescafe has the answer!

If you’re wondering which of Nescafé’s coffee recommendations you should try, the first thing you’ll need to do is take the Enneagram test. It shouldn’t take too long, and it may give you some insight into your psyche that goes beyond what you should drink this morning.

Once you’ve figured out which category you fall into, you can use the graphic above to see what the company suggests for you. Nescafé’s also provided some explanations about why each personality type pairs so well with its coffee counterpart:

"Type 1 – The Reformer: You’re principled and purposeful. One cup a day of decaf dark roast gives you the boost you need to dot your i’s and cross your t’s, but won’t force you to draw outside of the lines."

"Type 2 – The Helper: Try a medium roast with plant-based creamer. It will bring out your caring and generous personality, while making sure your cup of coffee is completely your own."

"Type 3 – The Achiever: You’re driven and want to succeed in everything you do, so pour yourself a cup (or two) of rich dark roast."

"Type 4 – The Individualist: You’re emotionally honest and tend to be reserved, but your expressive nature loves to shine so try a smooth, yet dramatic whipped coffee."

"Type 5 – The Investigator: With a knack for being perceptive and innovative, you love a bold French roast (and with a few secrets up your sleeve, you can’t help but add sugar occasionally)."

"Type 6 – The Loyalist: A house blend with a dash of milk will never disappoint, just like you. Responsibility is your middle name and although you are loyal, yet a bit cautious of others (and what’s in their mug), you will engage them anyway."

"Type 7 – The Enthusiast: Your spontaneity and versatility mean you’re always looking for something new. An iced honey latte is the perfect summer drink for you."

"Type 8 – The Challenger: It’s important to start your day off right, and you don’t need anything getting in your way. A single-origin cup of coffee will set you up for a day full of decision-making."

"Type 9 – The Peacemaker: You love enjoying a cup of coffee with those you love and are open to sipping on whatever they’re having. When drinking coffee alone, you pour yourself a cup of medium roast with a splash of cream and sugar."

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Tell us, which coffee are you drinking based on Nescafe’s new graphic?