Walk-On’s Sports Bistreaux: Find your next brunch spot with a touch of southern comfort

Hangover Burger. Image courtesy of Walk-On's
Hangover Burger. Image courtesy of Walk-On's /

Looking for a new place to brunch this summer? Then you’ll want to give Walk-On’s Sports Bistreaux a try for the perfect weekend meal!

One of my personal favorite times of the week is when I can get together with friends and enjoy a meal. And it often feels like the only time this happens is brunchtime. Considering we love brunch here and all it entails, we are always looking for our next brunch hot spot.

If you happen to be lucky enough to live near a Walk-On’s Sports Bistreaux, are looking for a new place to brunch, then you’ll want to head there for your next friendly gathering. While they don’t actually have a dedicated brunch menu, that can actually be a good thing since this means we could potentially enjoy brunch any day of the week instead of just on the weekends.

Wondering why we are heading to Walk-On’s for our next brunch? Beyond the fact that their menu screams southern comfort, there are also some meals that are just the perfect choice for a weekend midday meal! Check out the menu items that are making us plan all of our upcoming brunches:

Walk-On’s gives us southern comfort for brunch

Beignets Basket. Image courtesy of Walk-On’s /
  • Voodoo Shrimp & Grits – There is something about shrimp and grits that really does scream both southern comfort and cozy brunch. And with this dish we get the beauty of shrimp and grits with a serious kick of heat.
  • Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding – Honestly, bread pudding is a treat for brunch, and if you make it with Krispy Kreme doughnuts then you know it is bound to be an epic experience. It’s a sweet treat that we can’t resist.
  • Hangover Burger – Sometimes you just want a burger for brunch, but the only way it is brunch ready is when it includes an egg. So of course, this burger screams brunch thanks to that sunny side up egg and crispy bacon!
  • Corn Grits – Want to add a side to your meal that makes it a perfect brunch? Corn grits are the way to go because you can order anything from their Ribeye Poboy or their Grown-up Grilled Cheese and then add this side to make it a more brunch-friendly meal.
  • Beignets – Every single time I have ever been to New Orleans, it is beignets that have been sweet treat of choice. So, knowing that Walk-On’s has Beignets on the menu means that we are here for this brunch time treat!

Honestly, we are all about these menu items that are both perfect for brunch, and scream southern charm on a plate. And the fact that Walk-On’s has plenty more amazing meals to choose from, including a Stuffed Burger, Pastalaya, and even a starter called Devils on Horseback, means that we can enjoy delicious meals no matter what day of the week or time of day we decide to head in for lunch or dinner (or brunch of course).

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Have you been to a Walk-On’s Sports Bistreaux? Do you have a favorite menu item? What’s your favorite thing to enjoy for brunch? Tell us in the comments below.