Ellenos real Greek yogurt is the ultimate treat for summer

Ellenos Key Lime Pie Real Greek Yogurt. Image courtesy of Ellenos
Ellenos Key Lime Pie Real Greek Yogurt. Image courtesy of Ellenos /

In the iconic Pike Place Market in Seattle, Ellenos runs their very own yogurt bar for anyone looking for a healthy, delicious treat. But not everyone can get to Seattle, and sometimes you just want a cup of Greek yogurt on the go. And that’s where the Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt cups come into play.

With the help of Whole Foods Market, fans of Greek yogurt can get their hands on this amazing yogurt in a variety of flavors. And for summer 2021, the flavors truly come to life to give us the perfect snacks, treats, and even breakfast choices.

And while we may not be heading to the Pike Place Market for our next cup of Greek yogurt scooped in front of our eyes, at least we can stock our fridges with a variety of flavors for every occasion.

So which flavors are we loving right now?

Ellenos delivers flavor packed cups of Greek yogurt perfect as a summer treat

Right now you can get your hands on some limited edition flavors like Strawberry Shortcake or Key Lime Pie. But those are not the only yogurts we think you need in your life. Personally, I am obsessed with their Lemon Curd yogurt and the Marionberry is another stunner.

Some cups come with add-ins, while others are the straight yogurt, and either way you can have some fun with this treat. Whether that means eating it without the add in, with the add in, or by introducing your own add ins, this is a chance to have some fun with yogurt.

And while I think every single flavor they have on offer is a must try, it also depends on your local store, because stock matters. But if you can snag the Lemon Curd, the limited edition/seasonal flavors, or the Marionberry, you will not be disappointed. Just remember, to stock up while you can. (Added bonus is that you could always freeze the excess for later usage or to enjoy as a frozen treat.)

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Have you tried Ellenos? Are you as obsessed as we are? Will you be snagging a few cups of this Greek yogurt this summer? Tell us below.