Lady M’s creates chocolate magic with whisky for World Chocolate Day

Lady M’s Whisky Dark Chocolate Cake. Image courtesy of Lady M
Lady M’s Whisky Dark Chocolate Cake. Image courtesy of Lady M /

Did you know that July 7 is World Chocolate Day? And what could be better than some chocolate cake? This is where Lady M Confections comes in with the most perfect bit of chocolate magic we could imagine.

If you want the most luxurious dessert you have ever laid your eyes upon, then you need some Lady M Confections in your life. But we aren’t just talking of any confection. For World Chocolate Day 2021, Lady M Confections has actually partnered up with a legendary brand of Whisky from Japan to create a decadent cake that brings the magic.

According to a press release we received, it seems that this is the summer of luxury at Lady M’s and that is why we are all about this limited edition cake which is currently part of their July Boutique offerings. So what is this magic confection?

Lady M partners with Mars Whisky to create a Whisky Dark Chocolate Cake

If ever there was a time to order an epic and luxurious chocolate cake it would have to be on World Chocolate Day. And with Lady M’s Whisky Dark Chocolate Cake made with Iwai Traditional Whisky, we get the luxury.

What makes this cake so luxurious besides the Whisky itself is all the layers of flavor. And in the description of the cake, they let us know exactly what we can expect with each bite.

"This luxurious cake pairs dark and milk chocolate whisky mousse with whiskyjelly and chocolate sponge cake. We add feuilletine for crunch and finish witha chocolate glaze. Every bite is layered with whisky, a touch of orange, andtextures of chocolate."

If that doesn’t sound like magic I don’t know what does. And as chocolate lovers, we are here for a cake that sounds this luscious and decadent. This is the kind of cake you celebrate with. And sometimes it is the kind of cake you treat yourself with. So no matter what inspires you to snag one of these creations, it is a celebration of chocolate and you.

There are many cakes that we can choose from when it comes to Lady M Confections, but in honor of World Chocolate Day, I can’t imagine any other cake we would choose. (I mean just looking at a picture of this cake is enough to have us drooling!)

You can order one of these decadent desserts for $125 and yes, it can be shipped right to your door. Knowing this can be ordered for delivery makes this even more magical!

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What do you think Guilty Eaters? Does this cake sound as exciting to you as it does to us? Is this something you would indulge with this summer (and for World Chocolate Day)? Let us know below.