Del Taco is getting cheesy with their new breakfast tacos

Trio of Double Cheese Breakfast Tacos. Image courtesy of Del Taco.
Trio of Double Cheese Breakfast Tacos. Image courtesy of Del Taco. /

Del Taco is making our breakfast cheesier than ever with the arrival of three new breakfast tacos that we can’t resist. Bring on the Double Cheese!

Cheese lovers rejoice because this one is for you! In a press release from Del Taco on July 21, the second largest Mexican quick serve chain announced the arrival of three new breakfast tacos that are all about the cheese (and the affordability, but I’m all about the cheese). It’s about the value and flavor, and we love that.

So what are the newest additions to their early bird menu? I’m so glad you asked!

Del Taco launches three new breakfast tacos with double the cheese

  • Egg & Cheese – This is a classic combination – egg and cheese. This breakfast taco costs just $1 and features two types of cheeses with fluffy scrambled eggs. This taco gives you creamy Queso Blanco and shredded cheddar with the eggs in a flour tortilla! (I’m already drooling.)
  • Hashbrowns & Beef – For this breakfast taco, we get seasoned beef and hashbrown sticks with scrambled eggs, Queso Blanco, and shredded cheddar cheese in a flour tortilla. It’s breakfast to the next level for just $1.39 per taco!
  • Hashbrowns & Bacon – The final breakfast taco is the classic hashbrown sticks with fresh bacon in a flour tortilla stuffed with scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, and Queso Blanco. This taco will cost you $1.69 each, and it is another chance to enjoy classic breakfast goodies in every bite.

On top of launching the three new breakfast tacos, Del Taco is taking this launch to the next level with some exciting news. They are also giving away free tacos!

According to the Del Taco press release, “Del Taco Mobile App users will receive a coupon in their offer wallet for a Free Breakfast Taco with any purchase beginning Thursday, July 22. The NEW Double Cheese Breakfast Tacos are now available at Del Taco locations nationwide during breakfast hours.”

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We don’t know if these are permanent additions to the menu, but we are excited for all three of these tacos. If ever there was a time to jump in the car early in the morning, this would be it! Bring on the cheesy taco goodness.