National Mango Day: Why mango is the best of all fruits

National Mango Day, photo courtesy the National Mango Board
National Mango Day, photo courtesy the National Mango Board /

July 22 is National Mango Day! How will you be celebrating? The National Mango Board has shared with us all the tips for cutting mangos and some fun facts that prove mangos truly are the best fruit!

Here at Guilty Eats, we love to celebrate and chat about, well, guilty eats. From National Junk Food Day to Cheeseburger Day, but we love healthy fruits and veggies, too! No, really! After all, without some better-for-you food in our diet, we wouldn’t be healthy enough to enjoy the guilty pleasures in life.

This is why we also love and appreciate food holidays that celebrate healthy snacks, like the good ol’ mango. There are so many ways to enjoy a mango!

Fun mango facts to know this National Mango Day

  • Did you know that mangos only have 70 calories per serving? I never would have guessed, because they are SO sweet!
  • Mangos double as superfood, delivering over 20 different vitamins and minerals to our bodies.
  • If you are searching for the perfect mango, The National Mango Board reminds us that the red color on some varieties is not an indicator of ripeness. The only way to tell for sure is feeling the mango.

Here’s an easy to tutorial for how to cut a mango

Which fruit is your favorite? Our is mango. And we’re not just saying it because it’s National Mango Day! We mean it! We love that it doubles as a superfood and that we can enjoy it year round. Other fruits, like the strawberry or kiwi, are more for the spring or summer, but you can enjoy a tasty mango any time of the year.

Below, we share a recipe from the National Mango Board for you to try at home:

We recommend the No Bake Mango Sticky Pie, because it’s the summer and who has time for baking?

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