Aldi offering new fun frozen treats for final days of summer

Sundae Shoppe Unicorn, Galactic, or Mermaid Cones. Image courtesy of ALDI
Sundae Shoppe Unicorn, Galactic, or Mermaid Cones. Image courtesy of ALDI /

With the weather heating up, there is nothing we need more than some frozen treats to keep us cool. Mother Nature doesn’t care that fall is around the corner. She’s saying it’s going to be over 100 degrees every day and we just have to deal with it. Luckily, Aldi has some new frozen treats that are perfect for the sweltering heat.

The first is their new Sundae Shoppe chocolate enrobed fruit bars. These came out on Wednesday, Aug 11 so you can already get them. They come in three different flavors including creamy strawberry (yum!), creamy coconut with chopped almonds (yum!!), and creamy banana. They are all enrobed in dark chocolate.

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Their frozen, covered in a crisp chocolate shell, and like creamy ice cream on the inside. What more could you want? They come four to a box and are $3.19 per box.

Aldi bringing frozen treats this summer

The next treat is all about unicorns and mermaids and space, oh my!  You can choose from the Sundae Shoppe Unicorn cones, Galactic Cones, or Mermaid Cones.

The Mermaid cones feature green vanilla-flavored ice cream inside a waffle cone that is covered with a chocolate coating on the inside. There is also a blue raspberry sauce and multicolored crispy rice pieces on top for some crunch. Yes, please!

The Unicorn and Galactic cones have the same swirl of ice cream and sauce but come in different flavors and colors. The Unicorn option is a pink swirl with sprinkles on top and the Galatic option is light purple and topped with little edible stars.

They come four cones to a box and will be $3.49 per box. These don’t come out until Wednesday, Aug 18 so it’s not too long a wait until you can get some unicorn-inspired goodness!

You can see even more of what’s coming in the next week or two in this post from Aldi’s Instagram:

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