Sour Punch Bites review: Spicy and tropical blend

Sour Punch bites candies. Image courtesy of Sour Punch
Sour Punch bites candies. Image courtesy of Sour Punch /

Sour Punch has been one of my favorite candies since I was a kid. I used to go to 7/11 with my mom before we went to see a movie and I always got Sour Punch straws in either green apple or blue raspberry. So when I got the chance to try their spicy blend as well as their tropical blend, I was very excited.

Let’s start with the spicy blend since you might be wondering how sour and spicy go together. Well, they go together unbelievably well.

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The spicy blend features four flavors: cantaloupe, watermelon, mango, and pineapple. When you first take a bite, all you get is sour and sweet like you would with their normal candy. It isn’t until you’re about to swallow it that the heat shows up.

Everyone has their own heat tolerance, but I found this pretty mild. I barely needed a sip of water after. As for flavors, I am definitely partial to the watermelon, but all the flavors are really good. I hate cantaloupe but liked it as a flavor here.

Sour Punch’s spicy and tropical blend are a must-have in your candy stash

Now for the tropical blend! The flavors in this blend include Peachy Paradise (a mix of peach and mango), Citrus Surf ( a mix of pineapple and citrus), and Kiwi Lagoon (a mix of strawberry and kiwi).

The Kiwi Lagoon was definitely my favorite as it tasted shockingly like a fresh strawberry. Citrus Surf was a close second.  The Peachy Paradise isn’t the worst peach-flavored thing  I’ve ever tasted but it still has a bit of that artificial taste that haunts most peach products.

Sour Punch is also offering a new Sour Punch and Tajín Sampler Kit. You get a 9-ounce bag of the regular Sour Punch Bites, a 9-ounce bag of the tropical blend, and a little bottle of Tajín, the chili-lime seasoning. You just squeeze lime juice on your sour candy, add a sprinkling of Tajín, shake up the mixture, and enjoy.

As the spicy Sour Punch blend worked so well, this is definitely worth trying too. It’s currently $9.99 on the American Licorice website.

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Have you tried the spicy or tropical blends from Sour Punch? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!