Top off your summer with a refreshing can of Tequila Cazadores

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Summer is nearing its end, but there’s still time to enjoy a few more adult drinks on the beach before August comes to a close. If you’re on the hunt for portable cocktails, consider picking up a can of Tequila Cazadores.

The company launched its ready-to-drink canned cocktails over the summer, and they make a refreshing addition to any meal or outing. Made with 100-percent blue weber agave tequila, these drinks come in three exciting flavors: Margarita, Spicy Margarita, and Paloma.

While the Margarita cocktail tastes exactly as you’d imagine (with the added bonus that you don’t need to spend time making it), the Spicy Margarita offers a nice kick. If you enjoy adding jalapeños to anything and everything, you’ll no doubt want to give it a try.

The final canned cocktail from Tequila Cazadores — Paloma — brings a sweet, fruity flavor to the table, but one that’s slightly tamer than its Margarita offering. Anyone craving a dialed-back version of that will enjoy switching things up with Paloma.

Tequila Cazadores’ portable cocktails travel just about anywhere, so they’re ideal for summer trips and activities. Where can you find a pack of these delicious drinks?

Where you can find Tequila Cazadores’ ready-to-drink cocktails

Although Tequila Cazadores’ canned cocktails aren’t available to purchase on the company’s website, they can be found in a number of liquor stores and wine distributors nationwide. Those interested in kicking back with these ready-to-drink beverages can track them down using sites like Total Wine and Drizzly.

Four-packs of these refreshing drinks retail for around $15, so they present a fun and cheap way to top off your summer. What better way to bid farewell to the most laidback season?

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