Ranking the top 50 fast food chains in America

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Fast food. We’ve all been there, we all love it. But are we all aware of the top 50 fast food chains in America? We have some ideas of the top 50 fast food chains in the United States, whether from personal experience or just reports from other people. Did your favorite make the cut, or was it pushed to the side?

Don’t worry because we’ll cover it all here. In fact, we’ll be ranking all 50 restaurants and giving some thoughts on each of them as well. (Although there are a few chains that are more in line with an honorable mention instead of a true ranking.)

There’s certainly a variety of cuisines that we’ll be talking about here, ranging from chicken joints, to burger spots, and even some ice cream and milkshakes mixed in as well; we’ll be discussing it all, so be sure to stay tuned!

What’s your favorite fast food chain? Did it make the list? Read on to find out more!

Unfortunately, I have not tried the first 17 restaurants on this list, but we have learned a lot about them. So, instead of really ranking them (although they do have ranks in general here), we are going to describe them in case you are in the same boat.

Check out our 50 through 34 restaurants in the next slide and tell us your thoughts on these chains in the comments.

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