Dunkin’ has their own secret menu that can easily take on the Starbucks secret menu

Did you know that just like Starbucks, Dunkin’ actually has its own secret menu? And in many ways, it is even better than their competitors.

While we here at Guilty Eats love our Starbucks secret menu drinks and concoctions, we actually didn’t know that there is also a Dunkin’ secret menu. But now that we do, we are beyond excited to do a deep dive into all the drinks we can sip on as we run on Dunkin’.

According to Taste of Home, it seems that there are endless ways we can hack the Dunkin’ menu and enjoy a wide range of drinks and flavors. And in some cases, it seems that these drink hacks are actually encouraged by the company. From a drink that tastes like chocolate covered strawberries to a Frozen Snickers Bar drink, there is definitely something for everyone on this secret menu.

The Dunkin’ secret menu is packed with must try drinks that we can’t wait to taste

So how did we learn about this secret menu? It is all thanks to Mashed and their story about the chocolate covered strawberry drink. Because honestly, who wouldn’t want to get their hands on an icy, cold drink that tastes like strawberries dipped in chocolate? And the fact that it actually sounds pretty easy to order makes it even better.

If you want to try this particular secret menu drink for yourself, it’s actually super easy for you and your Dunkin’ barista. All you need to do is ask for “a medium Frozen Chocolate with two pumps of strawberry Coolatta syrup.” It really is that easy (and if you are familiar with the Starbucks secret menu, you know how rare an easy secret drink can be).

But that’s not the only easy option Mashed shared, as they also wrote about a raspberry take on this drink. It’s another easy to order drink, but using two different menu items. For this drink, “ask for a medium Chocolate Stout Cold Foam with a raspberry shot added.”

We are actually pretty excited to do a deep dive into the Dunkin’ Secret Menu. From learning what all we can sip on to actually giving these drinks a try, we think the end of 2021 might just be jam-packed with deliciousness.

Did you know that there is a Dunkin’ secret menu? Have you tried any drinks off of this menu? If you have, what did you try? Are you going to give either of these easy to order drinks a try? Let us know.