Cinnabon takes the classic chocolate chip cookie to a whole new level

Unique Cinnabon locations. Image courtesy of Cinnabon
Unique Cinnabon locations. Image courtesy of Cinnabon /

When it comes to delicious sweet treats, there is something about cinnamon rolls and chocolate chip cookies. And at Cinnabon, they make magic happen when it comes to these treats especially.

With their Cookie BonBites, they take chocolate chip cookies to a whole new level. And how do they do this? By adding in a cinnamon roll center!

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t sure what to think when I first learned of this Cinnabon creation, but then I took a bite. And I realized that magic can happen in a fresh baked bite of awesomeness.

This cookie features and ooey gooey chocolate chip cookie outer and a sticky cinnamon roll inner. It’s deliciousness in every single bite and it just works.

Cinnabon delivers the perfect sweet treat in their Cookie BonBites

If you have never tried these cookies, now is the perfect time to make that happen. Considering this is not the first time that the Cookie BonBites have been on the menu at Cinnabon, for fans of the chain, you already know what the rest of us have been missing. But now that they are back (since the middle of August), this is the perfect opportunity for cinnamon roll and chocolate chip cookie lovers to find a new treat.

And since this was a limited time treat before, you already know these won’t be around for long. But while they are here, we are going to be spending all of our loose change on keeping our cookie jars stocked. Although, once you bite into one of these cookies fresh out of the oven, they may not even make into those jars.

Seriously, these are my new favorite sweet treat and the fact that they are only around for a limited time is almost enough to make us sad. This is a guilty eat done right and we are here for it.

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Have you tried the Cookie BonBites from Cinnabon yet? How do you feel about a cinnamon roll stuffed into a chocolate chip cookie? Will you be snagging these cookies for yourself? We want to know Guilty Eats nation!