Shake Shack releases a one day only menu item inspired by chef Dominique Crenn

Dominique Crenn’s Grilled Cheese. Image courtesy of Shake Shack
Dominique Crenn’s Grilled Cheese. Image courtesy of Shake Shack /

To shake things up at Shake Shack, they have been doing a series of special chef collaborations to bring their diners something new to enjoy. The items are limited edition, limited run items that are in many ways rather exclusive. It’s a chance to try and amazing chef’s cuisine in an affordable and accessible setting.

And for their latest chef collaboration, Shake Shack has teamed up with Chef Dominique Crenn, an award winning restauranteur. But when we say this is a limited release, we truly mean it.

The Shake Shack x Dominque Crenn inspired menu item will not only be a one-day-only menu item, but it is also only available in one very specific Shake Shack location.

Shake Shack and Chef Dominique Crenn collaborate for a very special, limited edition menu item

So what is this one-of-a-kind menu item? It is the Dominique Crenn’s Grilled Cheese. But this is not your ordinary grilled cheese sandwich. This is a grilled cheese that will “incorporate Bay Area favorite Bohemian Creamery’s Boho Belle made with organic cow’s milk cheese, Bleu Belle Farm tomatoes and onion jam, atop Tartine Bakery sourdough bread.”

It’s an elevated take on the grilled cheese that is perfect for cheese lovers and those of us who love taking your typical comfort food to a whole new level.

So where can we get our hands on this limited edition sandwich? According to the press email we received, “The sandwich will be available at Shake Shack’s San Francisco location in Cow Hollow on Fillmore Street for one-day-only on Thursday, September 9 and is priced at $12.99.”

But wait! There’s more. It seems that the proceeds from the sale of this sandwich will donated to help support La Cocina and their newly opened Municipal Marketplace, which can be found in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district.

For more on the Now Serving series from Shake Shack, check out their website and you can get a sneak peek of what is to come, and even a look back at who all they have worked with to date.

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What do you think fellow Guilty Eaters? Is this the kind of limited edition menu item you’d want to sink your teeth into? Would you like to see this menu item make it to more locations? Let us know in the comments.