DW Home Candles throws caution to the wind with new fall collection

DW Home Fall Flavor Inspired Candles. Photo credit Kimberley Spinney
DW Home Fall Flavor Inspired Candles. Photo credit Kimberley Spinney /

I have written about my obsession with the DW Home Candles Maple Pancakes candle. It practically makes you think you’ve just eaten pancakes. It’s what other food-scented candles should aim to be. But recently, DW Home Candles came out with a line of other food-scented candles that makes me question their thought process.

They recently posted on Instagram a slideshow of images showing Tweets where people wondered WTF was going on with their candles. Why? Because the scents for the season include Mac & Cheese, Dinner Roll, and Mashed Potatoes. And even I have many questions.

My main question is why. My next questions include what does the mac and cheese candle smell like (cheese??), does the mashed potato candle simply smell like butter, and does the dinner roll candle smell like fresh-baked bread??

I have been looking for a fresh-baked bread-scented candle for two years and if it comes in the form of the dinner roll candle, I will not be mad about it. I also can’t be mad about the fact that the lid of each candle has cute little drawings of the food represented in the candle.

DW Home Candles brings us fall food-inspired candles

Based on past experience of the already mentioned Maple Pancakes candle and the lovely Pumpkin Cheesecake candle, I am hoping these all smell delicious and like Thanksgiving, but I am skeptical.

According to their website, the Mashed Potatoes candle smells like “freshly whipped potatoes gently mashed with golden butter morsels and savory sea salt.” That sounds wonderful but do I want my house to smell like buttered potatoes?? Ok, yes, I probably do.

The Mac and Cheese candle is supposed to offer up “the nostalgic and familiar scent of macaroni pasta layered with a cheddar, gruyère and parmesan cheese sauce.” I’m still skeptical here.

Finally, the Dinner Roll candle is described as “freshly baked bread with warm, salted butter, soft nuances of cane-sugar and fresh, creamy milk.” If that is what it really smells like, I need express shipping ASAP!

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What are your thoughts on these new food-inspired candles? Let us know in the comments below!