Stuffed Puffs elevates our snacking with three flavors of BIG Bites

Stuffed Puffs introducing BIG Bites bags in three flavors
Stuffed Puffs introducing BIG Bites bags in three flavors /

Just in time for the 2021 holiday season, Stuffed Puffs is taking our snacking game to a whole new level with three new products. Or perhaps, we need to call it one new product in three must-try flavors.

So what exactly is Stuffed Puffs giving us that we can’t resist? It is the arrival of the Stuffed Puffs BIG Bites, and according to the press email we received, these stuffed marshmallow bites are BIG on flavor.

The BIG Bites are more than just stuffed marshmallows, these are snackable treats that take the stuffed marshmallow and coats the, in even more deliciousness.

Still curious about these new snacking must-haves? Read on for a break down of the three new flavors.

Stuffed Puffs adds three flavors of BIG Bites to their stuffed marshmallows lineup

  • S’mores – “Stuffed Puffs added graham cracker to the creamy milk chocolate center (to add a delicious crunch) and coated the entirety of the outside in crispy graham crackers as well.”
  • Cookies `n Crème – For this bite of deliciousness, Stuffed Puff took their classic marshmallows and coated and filled them with a crunchy chocolate creme filled cookie.
  • Birthday Cake – Now, with this classic flavor profile, Stuffed Puff took those flavors we all know and love and made magic happen. According to the PR email, this BIG Bites flavor is “an all-in-one party, covered in rainbow sprinkles and filled with cake batter flavored white chocolatey goodness inside.”

While the Stuffed Puffs BIG Bites come in a resealable bag for easy snacking on the run and more, we can’t imaging being able to walk away after only a few of these delicious bites of marshmallow goodness. Whether it is the flavors themselves or the fluff of the ooey-gooey marshmallow, these are clearly bites of deliciousness that we can’t resist.

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What do you think fellow snackers? Are you a fan of Stuffed Puffs? What do you think of these new additions to their lineup? Which flavor are you the most excited to try? We want to know.