Have you ever had a cheesecake from Carnegie Deli?

Cheesecake from Carnegie Deli, image courtesy Carnegie
Cheesecake from Carnegie Deli, image courtesy Carnegie /

As we start looking to the holiday season and what treats need to be on our dinner tables and at our parties, we turn to Carnegie Deli and their iconic cheesecake. If you are anything like us, you probably love sweet treats like cakes, cookies, and baked goods galore. But when it comes to the cheesecake, there are some that are just better than others.

And if you want a classic New York cheesecake that is decadent and delicious, then the answer is clearly Carnegie Deli. After years of living and working in New York, there is something special about a New York cheesecake. But, I had never tried one from the iconic Carnegie Deli. All that changed in September.

I was sent my very own, classic Carnegie Deli cheesecake to try ahead of the 2021 holiday season. And if you have ever wanted to indulge in decadence, either for the holidays or just for an elevated get together, then you need this cheesecake in your life.

Carnegie Deli is the home of the perfect New York style Cheesecake

While I have certainly enjoyed plenty of cheesecakes in my life, there is something to be said for the massive offering that Carnegie Deli delivers. Not only does it give us notes of vanilla throughout, but it was also the perfect amount of sweetness without being cloying.

The fact that we can get one delivered to our door is the kind of news we can’t help but be excited over. But that’s not all we are excited about this season.

In a press email we received recently, we learned that Carnegie Deli is also offering a Mini Cheesecake Family Decorating Kit for the 2021 holiday season. This kit gives us four mini cheesecakes and all the tools and goodies we need to have some fun and decorate our cheesecakes for the holidays. And this includes a recipe for homemade whipped cream!

If interested in one of these kits, they will cost you $89 and they even ship free. And of course, if you browse their website, you can even find plenty of other Carnegie Deli must-haves beyond their cheesecake. Whatever you decide to snag, it will totally be worth it, but we still think it is all about the cheesecake!

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Have you ever tried a cheesecake from Carnegie Deli? What’s your favorite sweet treat? We want to know.