Lea & Perrins launches their “Speak Your Sauce” Worcestershire Sauce campaign

Lea & Perrins Speak Your Sauce promotion. Image courtesy Lea & Perrins
Lea & Perrins Speak Your Sauce promotion. Image courtesy Lea & Perrins /

Do you know how to pronounce Worcestershire Sauce? Maybe not, but Lea & Perrins is all about letting us “Speak Your Sauce,” your way.

It may be the ultimate condiment, packed with flavors that elevate multiple dishes and meals. And whether you add a dash to your soups or use it as a steak seasoning, there is something special about Worcestershire Sauce. But that doesn’t mean we have a clue how to say it.

And we are not alone. In fact, according to a press email we received from Lea & Perrins, people have been struggling to pronounce the word Worcestershire since 1836! Seriously, the name has been a struggle for a long time.

In honor of soup and stew season dawning, Lea & Perrins has decided to celebrate our inability to pronounce Worcestershire with their new “Speak Your Sauce” campaign.

What is the Worcestershire Sauce, “Speak Your Sauce” campaign?

Worcestershire /

Well, it seems that the company has launched a voice-activated site that lets you speak your sauce so you can get a bottle of Worcestershire Sauce with your personal pronunciation on it.

So how does this work? According to the press email,

"This is the first time EVER that the brand is updating its packaging, because from Warshester, Wooster, to Warshestershire, any way you “Worcestershire” works for us!Through a voice-activated site, daring fans can purchase a custom labeled bottle with their best attempt at saying the infamous sauce.Starting 10/20, just follow the voice-activated prompt at SpeakYourSauce.com and get the opportunity to purchase your custom-labeled bottle ($3.99, free shipping)."

Who else thinks this is a super cool opportunity to basically have a customized bottle of Lea & Perrins in your cabinet and fridge based on the way you say Worcestershire? I think this is the coolest thing the company could do heading into the cold weather cooking season.

And according to the Lea & Perrins Associate Brand Manager,

"We know Lea & Perrins is one of the oldest and most beloved pantry staples, but even our biggest fans can’t pronounce Worcestershire sauce, and to be perfectly honest, neither can we. With our limited-edition ‘Speak Your Sauce’ bottles, we’re officially embracing the struggle and celebrating all the different pronunciations because any way you Worcestershire works for us. You don’t need to know how to say it to know that Lea & Perrins is the secret sauce to add flavor to any dish."

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Well, what do you think Guilty Eats Nation? Does the idea of speaking your sauce get you excited? Will you be pronouncing Worcestershire for the Speak Your Sauce campaign? We need to know.