Coffee Mate is giving us a Golden Grahams Creamer and two more flavors to kick off 2022

COMING SOON: Coffee mate Golden Grahams Creamer & More
COMING SOON: Coffee mate Golden Grahams Creamer & More /

To kick off 2022, Coffee Mate is giving us an epic knew coffee creamer in the form of a Golden Grahams flavor. And that’s not all, as they are also launching two more flavors to get us through the colder winter months!

While Coffee Mate recently announced their new Rice Krispies Treats flavored coffee creamer, they aren’t stopping there. Instead, they are now adding another sweet treat we love thanks to this new Golden Grahams creamer.

In the press email we received, they described this new cereal inspired creamer as featuring “notes of graham cracker, brown sugar cereal and sweet honey.” And if that doesn’t sound amazing, well then we need to chat.

However, the Golden Grahams coffee creamer was not the only flavor they are giving us to start 2022.

Coffee Mate is giving us a Golden Grahams coffee creamer and two more must-try flavors

The other two new releases we can expect towards the beginning of January 2022 are the new Coffee Mate Vanilla Bean and the Coffee mate Zero Sugar Cinnamon Roll Creamers. And if you are wondering how a Vanilla Bean creamer is something new, you have to think that this is taking a classic vanilla flavor to a whole new level. In fact, the way they describe this creamer flavor they are giving us, “the rich taste of vanilla bean and a touch of caramel flavor.”

With these three new flavors, there really is something for everyone and every sweet tooth. And, with these creamers being available in stores nationwide beginning in January, we are already planning our morning coffee routines.

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What do you think Guilty Eaters? Are we excited for these new coffee creamer flavors? Are you looking forward to a Golden Grahams flavor of Coffee Mate? Let us know your thoughts.