It’s all treats and no tricks from T-Mobile and Reese’s this Halloween

T-Mobile and Reese's team up for Halloween, image courtesy T-Mobile
T-Mobile and Reese's team up for Halloween, image courtesy T-Mobile /

This Halloween season, T-Mobile and Reese’s are partnering up to give fans all the treats with zero tricks! Learn all about this fun (and super tasty) collab, here.

America’s favorite network is hitting another milestone — T-Mobile’s 5G network now covers 308 million people nationwide with Extended Range 5G and 186 million people with Ultra Capacity 5G. So, naturally, this calls for a sweet celebration!

What is this celebration all about and how can you enter to win? We share all you need to know, below.

How are T-Mobile and Reese’s celebrating this Halloween?

To celebrate, T-Mobile has teamed up with Reese’s to deliver some 5G fun this Halloween season. How? T-Mobile and Reese’s are giving ten lucky winners a free 5G phone, a year of T-Mobile service, and a year of Reese’s! I know, right? It couldn’t be more amazing. A free phone? Yes, please! But also a free year of service AND a year’s worth of Reese’s candy? Sweet!

The year 2022 is going to be the best ever.

How to enter the T-Mobile and Reese’s giveaway

Now through Nov. 2, 2021, at 4:49 a.m. ET, anyone can head to @TMobile on Twitter for details on how to enter for a change to win. If you are already a customer with T-Mobile, you can visit the T-Mobile Tuesdays app to enter.

Finally, trick-or-treaters in Miami, Santa Monica, and Southlake, Texas, can visit their local retail Apartment 5G location to enter, as well.

You can also read up all the details HERE.

More Halloween fun

Get your Halloween bag ready for T-Mobile and Reese’s upcoming Apartment 5G trick-or-treat experience, which will be taking place in Brooklyn, New York. This location will be the only one delivering 10x the Reeses’s at 10x the speed.

Additionally, T-Mobile retail stores in Miami, Santa Monica, and Southlake, Texas, will also be giving treats on Halloween night, Sunday, Oct. 31, 2021.

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