Frito Lay already bringing out their holiday snacks

Smartfood Crunch Berries Popcorn Mix. Image Courtesy Frito-Lay North America
Smartfood Crunch Berries Popcorn Mix. Image Courtesy Frito-Lay North America /

Halloween isn’t even here yet but the holiday treats are already showing up on social media. They may not be in stores yet, but starting Nov 1, that is bound to change. Two holiday-themed snacks to look out for come from Frito Lay. One is new and the other is a returning favorite with a twist.

The first is the new Tostitos Holiday Trees tortilla chips. They are dark green and shaped like trees. Are they a huge gimmick? Yes. Are they incredibly cute? Also yes. And I will be buying at least two bags.

You may not think of chips and salsa when it comes to the holidays, but there really is never a bad time for it. So why not make it a little festive and dip these chips in your salsa, guacamole, and queso?

The second item is a returning favorite but it’s been updated a little bit. Smartfood has brought back their Cap’n Crunch Popcorn but this time it has red and green cereal pieces mixed in to make their Merry Berry Popcorn Mix.

Frito Lay introducing two new holiday snacks this year

So not only do you get the savory goodness of the air-popped popcorn, but you also get some extra crunch and sweetness from the cereal. And now in red and green colors for the holiday.

Both of these are the perfect snacks for all your holiday parties coming up or the perfect thing for when you’re watching all those holiday movies on Netflix or Hallmark Channel. And if you happen to finish a bag by the end of the movie, we certainly won’t judge.

These two new snacks have been seen at a few stores here and there across the country, but once Halloween is over, they will likely be everywhere. Make sure to pick them up while you can. Once the new year hits, they probably won’t be back until the next holiday season.

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Which of these two new Frito Lay snacks sounds good to you? Let us know in the comments below!