Red Lobster is extending their National Seafood Month deal for kids

New Red Lobster deals, photo provided by Red Lobster
New Red Lobster deals, photo provided by Red Lobster /

Red Lobster is giving us a gift as we exist National Seafood Month and head into the holiday season. They are extending their meal deal for kids.

At the start of National Seafood Month, Red Lobster decided to treat families to a delicious deal on Tuesdays. Every week in the month of October, kids were able to eat free on a Tuesday with their parents, as long as a regular entree was purchased.

Well it looks like they have decided to give us a real treat heading out of October. According to a press email we received from Red Lobster,

"As of (10/26), kids will receive a free meal with each adult dinner entrée purchased when visiting their local Red Lobster or ordering To Go, now featuring Rapid Red Curbside, or touchless delivery directly through on Tuesdays with the code LOBSTER91."

Red Lobster is keeping the deals coming even as National Seafood Month comes to a close

On top of extending their Kids Eat Free on Tuesdays deal, Red Lobster is also keeping their other Tuesday deal going. That means that we can also continue to enjoy their Two for Tuesday Deal, which allows customers to “get double the deal with two delectable Mariner’s Feasts, each served with choice of two sides for only $41.99.”

For Red Lobster lovers, the fact that they are extending these National Seafood Month deals is exciting news. Especially if you were unable to make it in for these Tuesday deals during the month of October.

While we don’t know how long they will keep these two Tuesday deals running, the fact that they are extending them beyond October is definitely good news for foodies looking to enjoy a tasty meal, while also saving some dough.

So whether you are going for the Cheddar Bay Biscuits and a Tuesday meal deal, or just want to enjoy some time with friends and family, Red Lobster is here for us. And we can’t wait to head in and save. But what do you think Guilty Eats nation? Are we happy with the restaurant for extending this offer?

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