Rudi’s helps us enjoy the small comforts of home for National Sandwich Day

Rudi's is ready for National Sandwich Day.
Rudi's is ready for National Sandwich Day. /

There is something comforting about a simple sandwich. It is sometimes an underappreciated staple in our foodie arsenal. At other times, it is forgotten and left to the side for more elaborate dishes and meals. But Rudi’s wants to change that, especially as we celebrate National Sandwich Day.

Considering National Sandwich Day falls on November 3, it makes sense that we are looking for quick and easy offerings to satisfy our hunger. After all, November is the start of the holiday season and for many of us, this is a month jam-packed with events, gatherings, and larger meals.

However, with the help of the mighty sandwich, we can put aside our worries and just enjoy the simple comforts. And of course, this is where Rudi’s Bakery comes into play. Here is a brand that understands our need for quality ingredients.

With Rudi’s, we can get organic and gluten-free bread options that range from a classic Country White to a Seeded Multigrain and even a Rocky Mountain Sourdough. And whether you use their bread for toast in the morning, a sandwich in the afternoon, or even a late night grilled cheese, this really is a delicious choice for all your bread-based needs.

Rudi’s Bakery makes sandwich making delicious and comforting

If you happen to decide to add Rudi’s to your routine, it also helps that if you head to their website, they have some delicious recipe ideas to offer us to inspire us in our sandwich making routines.

Not only is there a recipe for a cinnamon raisin French toast and a special Toast Topping, but they also have recipes for a Basil Pesto and Cheddar Sandwich and an Egg Salad Sandwich. If those don’t sound like enough to convince you to give them a try, I don’t know what will.

But honestly, I have to admit that I wasn’t sure if I would love Rudi’s before I tried it because I have long been a fan of Arnold’s and Oroweat Breads. And then Rudi’s entered the picture, and I found myself with a new bread that satisfied my sandwich making needs. Plus, it ended up being great for whipping up a “Toad in a hole” (which is a fried egg in the center of fried bread). Basically, this is our new favorite bread for National Sandwich Day, and it might just be yours too.

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Have you tried Rudi’s Bakery breads yet? If you have, what did you think? If you haven’t, are you going to give them a try? We want to know.