Halo Top is back with gingerbread ice cream and a candle

Halo Top’s Gingerbread House Ice Cream and candle. Image courtesy Halo Top
Halo Top’s Gingerbread House Ice Cream and candle. Image courtesy Halo Top /

Halo Top is renowned for its light ice cream. Literally, everyone I know has tried it and loves it. I am still a skeptic but I’m all for whatever makes you happy. With the holidays getting closer and closer, the ice cream brand is getting into the holiday spirit by bringing back their Gingerbread House ice cream.

The ice cream includes ginger cookie bits and swirls of icing. Ummm….that sounds delicious. Way better than trying to eat a gingerbread house that’s been sitting out for weeks.

The pint of ice cream has only 360 calories and 19 grams of protein (woah!). You can have gingerbread cookies without throwing flour all over your kitchen.

But you can get more than just gingerbread ice cream this year. You can also enter for the chance to win a gingerbread candle as well. How? Good question.

Halo Top brings back Gingerbread House ice cream

For the chance to win a limited-edition scented candle, all you have to do is head over to Halo Top’s Instagram by Friday, Nov 12, 2021. Once you get to the post, you have to follow the Halo Top account, like the post (below), and tag a friend in the comments. For an extra entry, you can share the post to your stories. And don’t forget to tag Halo Top.

Gingerbread House pints will be in a freezer section near you until the end of the year so get them while you can. It’s much easier than baking all those cookies! And the ice cream even comes in a festive red and green container. What more could you want?

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Will you be grabbing a pint of Halo Top Gingerbread House ice cream? Will you be entering to get one of the limited-edition candles? Let us know in the comments below!