When will Gordon Ramsay’s Next Level Chef air on FOX?

Gordon Ramsay is back with another cooking competition on FOX. Next Level Chef takes cooking competitions to a whole new level (literally). But when will we be able to see this new series on our screens?

Unfamiliar with Next Level Chef? Obviously, it is a Gordon Ramsay fronted series, but it will also see Richard Blais and Nyesha Arrington joining him as mentors for the chefs. But what makes this Next Level Chef?

This is basically a competition set on a three layer stage, with chefs dispersed on different levels. A table loaded with ingredients will drop from the top level to the bottom, with chefs at the top getting to pick the best ingredients and the chefs at the bottom having to use whatever is left when the table reaches them. (If the premise sounds familiar that is because there is a horror/thriller movie on Netflix called Platform that sees prisoners being fed by a platform that travels through the levels of the prison.)

So when will we be able to watch this new cooking competition (that comes with a $25,000 prize)?

When will we be able to watch Next Level Chef on FOX?

According to TV Line, the series is set to premiere on January 2 (a Sunday night) at 8 p.m.. However, it will then air on Wednesday nights at 9 p.m., with the outlet explaining that on January 5, the series will be having its “regular time slot premiere.”

The cooking competition will get its lead in from the second season of I Can See Your Voice, which means it will be a night of reality on FOX. And honestly, we are here for it.

It may not be Hell’s Kitchen or MasterChef, but if Gordon Ramsay is on the show, we will be watching. But what about you? Will you be tuning in for a brand new cooking competition with Ramsay, as well as Arrington and Blais?