Vacadillos is embracing even more heat with Reaper

Vacadillos Carne Seca. Image courtesy Vacadillos
Vacadillos Carne Seca. Image courtesy Vacadillos /

Vacadillos Carne Seca is once again turning up the heat for our taste buds. The jerky that brings more flavor and tenderness than most, already has plenty of spicy options. That did not stop Vacadillos from taking things to the next level with the new Reaper flavor.

As you might expect, Reaper is made from the ultimate hot pepper, the Carolina Reaper. It may be the spiciest meat snack you can get your hands on. Vacadillos describes the heat level as Ultra Hot, and I can tell you, Reaper lives up to this label.

Reaper is the latest addition to a line that already included fiery hot flavors such as Habanero and Scorpion. The heat index from Vacadillos is represented by pepper icons. They range from two to five peppers. Reaper is the only one to reach five peppers on the Vacadillos heat index.

I have tried all of the previous Vacadillos flavors in the past, and I thought there would never be more of an inferno in my mouth than when I had eaten the Scorpion flavor. Now that I have tried Reaper, I realize that I was terribly mistaken. Although extremely hot and spicy, Reaper does not get massively uncomfortable.

Vacadillos has brought both heat and flavor to the table with Reaper

Although Reaper does not get to a point of complete discomfort, it doesn’t mean that it does not live up to the intense heat label that it is getting. I would not suggest eating more than a few pieces at a time unless you want to feel your insides heat up for a bit. To put it into perspective, I ate the Reaper flavored snack first and then eating Habanero felt like it was cooling my mouth down.

Reaper is a great snack filled with 15g of protein per serving while also boasting a mere 90 calories. The flavor includes a blend of not just the Carolina Reaper, but also cayenne and habanero peppers. As with all of the other Vacadillos flavor options, Reaper also includes hints of citrus to help balance some of the heat. In this case, you can taste some orange and lime.

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Reaper is available now for anyone ready to embrace the heat. It is a nice snack for those who love spice and love jerky. Although not for the faint of heart, it is a highly recommended meat snack that will surely not let you down.