Holiday Nog from Bolthouse Farms saves the holidays for Eggnog Latte lovers

Bolthouse Farms Holiday Nog Saves the Day as Starbucks Discontinues Eggnog Latte
Bolthouse Farms Holiday Nog Saves the Day as Starbucks Discontinues Eggnog Latte /

Can’t get your Eggnog Latte? Looking for a tasty alternative with less fat and an ability to be used as coffee creamer alternative? Bolthouse Farms has you covered this year with the return of their Holiday Nog.

When it comes to the holidays, we are here for the seasonal offerings. And one of our favorite seasonal offerings is of course, eggnog. But sometimes, you want to try new things. That’s where the Bolthouse Farms Holiday Nog comes into the picture.

See, there are times when we want some Nog, but we want a little less fat in our sipping. Considering Holiday Nog is described as containing, “55% fewer calories and 80% less fat than traditional eggnog without sacrificing the taste and flavor,” this drink definitely fits the bill. And this year, we finally got the opportunity to give the Holiday Nog from Bolthouse Farms a try.

It’s a rather unique take on a classic eggnog because it “is made with simple ingredients like milk, agave, whey protein and Bolthouse Farms’ signature carrot juice, which creates the Holiday Nog’s silky texture and adds sweetness without adding sugar.” Seriously, this is made with carrot juice, and if that doesn’t blow your mind as much as it did mine…

Bolthouse Farms brings back their Holiday Nog for the season

As far as seasonal offerings, we love a good Nog. And with this particular treat, we can not only enjoy it chilled, straight out of a glass, but this is also a delicious alternative to classic coffee creamers.

Plus, if you do use the Holiday Nog as a creamer alternative, you are actually creating your very own Eggnog Latte at home! It is a great option for those of us missing the latte we know and love and are still salty about.

But have you tried Bolthouse Farms products before? And what about their Holiday Nog? Have you tried this take on a classic eggnog yet? What did you think? And will you give this a try as a coffee creamer alternative?

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