Add some Opopop to your holiday snacking routine

Opopop Reinvents Popcorn - The Gift that Keeps on Giving for Snack Lovers
Opopop Reinvents Popcorn - The Gift that Keeps on Giving for Snack Lovers /

When it comes to quick, easy, and delicious snacking, popcorn is one of our go-to options. And we are always looking for new options, which is where Opopop comes into the picture.

We had the opportunity to try Opopop‘s Discovery Kit, a collection of popcorn that runs the gamut of sweet and savory flavors. Not only was their a classic flavor in the form of their Fancy Butter, but they also had the perfect sweet treat in the Vanilla Cake Pop.

And I have to say, it was amazing. Maybe it is the way they wrap the flavor around the popcorn kernels so that when it pops in the microwave it seems to cook into the popcorn in delicate layers or maybe it is just the flavors themselves, but this was snacking made delicious.

If you love popcorn and exploring different snacking options, then Opopop might be the answer you’ve been looking for. And for the holidays, they are breaking out the elves and giving us a series of flavors that are just as festive as we would expect from a holiday snack.

Opopop is a gourmet popcorn company that takes snacking to the next level

So what are the holiday popcorn flavors? The Holiday Collection, which comes in two sizes – the Discovery Kit with Popper and three standard popcorn bags or the three pack of Family Size Bags of Opopop – comes with Fancy Butter, Salty Caramel, and Gingersnap.

While Fancy Butter might not seem like a holiday flavor, you can never go wrong with a classic. And of course, with Gingersnap and Salty Caramel, we bring the magic of desserts to our snack time.

For the holidays, we are excited to add a little more Opopop to the mix. And we can’t wait to sit down and binge watch some Christmas movies (like National Lampoon Christmas Vacation) and snack on a bowl of fresh popped popcorn.

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Have you tried Opopop yet? Are you a fan of fresh popped popcorn? Are you a fan of different flavors of popcorn? Which flavor is your favorite? Drop your popcorn love in the comments.