American Pecans wants to help travelers whose flights get cancelled with a special treat

It’s the ultimate sweet treat, the pecan pie. But what happens if your flight gets cancelled and you can’t get to the pie this Thanksgiving? American Pecans wants to help.

In an effort to add a little more sweetness to the holiday season, American Pecans has partnered with Farmer’s Fridge to give away the perfect travel snack – Pecan Pie Bites! Seriously, if you love pecan pie, then you need these bites in your life. They truly taste like a classic pecan pie, but perhaps with a little less stickiness and crumbling from a pie crust.

But the Pecan Pie Bites from Farmer’s Fridge are not the only thing that the Pecan Industry is giving away. In fact, there is an ultimate prize pack being given away that we can’t resist.

So what do you need to know?

Have a “pecancelled flight?” American Pecans wants to help with a sweet treat

Pecan Industry Launches New, Pecan-Pie Inspired Snack Bites for Holiday Travelers

Pecan Industry Launches New, Pecan-Pie Inspired Snack Bites for Holiday Travelers

On November 22, American Pecans is launching what they are calling the ’Pecanceled’ Flights Set Right Sweepstakes. And considering how stressful a canceled flight can be to begin with, not even considering how many flights have been canceled leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday, it makes sense to have a giveaway inspired by this not so happy holiday event.

According to the press email from the Pecan Industry, the giveaway will make sure

one unlucky traveler, who misses their Thanksgiving as the result of a ‘pecanceled’ flight, will be the lucky winner of the ‘Pie in the Sky’ grand prize: round-trip, First Class air travel for the next five years to their Thanksgiving destination, a year’s worth of American Pecans, and more.

While it may not be quite as good as your flight actually getting to your destination on time or not getting canceled this year, it may still bring a smile to your face. And that is definitely something we can appreciate this holiday season.

If you love pecan pies and hate holiday travel, this might just be the ultimate giveaway for you. I know we are loving it! From the pecan pie bites to the grand prize of five years of Thanksgiving flights, this giveaway combines our love of sweets and travel to a whole new level.

What do you think Guilty Eaters? Are we excited for this giveaway? Will you be checking out this American Pecans giveaway? Let us know.