Is Denny’s open for Thanksgiving Day 2021?

Denny's Turkey dinner for Thanksgiving, photo provided by Denny's
Denny's Turkey dinner for Thanksgiving, photo provided by Denny's /

Thanksgiving is supposed to be all about family and friends sitting down to a homemade meal and giving thanks for the important things in their lives. You cook all day making turkey, stuffing and rolls and hope that everything turns out just the way you want it to, like when you go to Denny’s.

Of course, sometimes that doesn’t happen. The turkey could come out dry. The rolls could get burnt. Someone could make green bean casserole and you could be forced to eat it so you don’t hurt the feelings of your Great Aunt Phyllis even though you think it’s disgusting.

In other words, sometimes having someone else do the cooking isn’t the worst thing in the world. And it doesn’t mean you don’t want to give thanks. It just means you don’t want to have to spend a day cooking to do it.

Lucky for you, your Thanksgiving can be exactly like a meal at Denny’s when you have them take care of the cooking for you. Or you can just go to a Denny’s and celebrate there. They have you covered either way.

Will your local Denny’s be open on Thanksgiving Day?

Because it turns out that the answer is yes. Denny’s will indeed be open on Thanksgiving Day in 2021. You can eat there this holiday or you can preorder one of their Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner Packs. It has everything you need for the perfect holiday meal. You just heat it up and serve it.

Keep in mind that most Denny’s locations will likely have limited hours on Thanksgiving and there is a chance your local one could be closed due to staffing issues. Your best bet is to call or check online to make sure before heading out the door.

Having someone else cook your Thanksgiving dinner isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes it can put the focus back on what’s important. Namely being thankful for what you and your loved ones have. And not having to eat green bean casserole this holiday.

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What do you think Guilty Eaters? Would you like to Denny’s make your Thanksgiving dinner this year? Leave a comment below and let us know or join the conversation on our Twitter and Facebook pages. And Happy Thanksgiving!