Is Perkins open on Thanksgiving Day 2021?

Perkins. Image by Kimberly Spinney
Perkins. Image by Kimberly Spinney /

Is there anything better than fresh baked pie and homestyle foods on the holiday? How about if someone else makes them on Thanksgiving? That’s where Perkins comes into the picture, because they not only have an epic bakery menu, but they are truly all about the homestyle cooking!

And with a menu that includes Pumpkin Cream Pies, Homestyle Apple Pies, Pumpkin Spice Pancakes, Pot Roast Stroganoff, and even the Hibachi Grilled Shrimp Skillet, we can’t resist turning towards Perkins for our holiday breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert (or maybe more than one of these meals).

So the real question we have is whether or not they will be open on Thanksgiving Day this year.

 Will Perkins be open on Thanksgiving Day in 2021?

According to the 2021 Holiday Shopping Hours page, the answer is yes. They are reporting that Perkins will in fact be open on Thanksgiving Day 2021. However, even though they will be open, even they recommend checking with your local restaurant to confirm their hours of operation.

While Perkins may be open for Thanksgiving, we have to consider the impact of the pandemic and the fact that there is an employee shortage for many locations. Plus, it is also a holiday, which is already a reason why hours may be reduced.

But, even with reduced hours, we can expect to enjoy some delicious homestyle cooking and some amazing baked goods for the holiday this year. (And for some locations, we can even get delivery, which means that we could possibly get our holiday meal brought straight to our door from the Perkins kitchen.)

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What do you say Guilty Eaters? Are we excited for a Perkins Thanksgiving? And for even more holiday news, including other restaurants and stores that are open or closed, check out the rest of our holiday coverage on Guilty Eats.