5 breakfast ideas for Thanksgiving morning

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Everyone talks about the Thanksgiving dinner, but no one ever talks about what you should eat before the big meal. You have to eat breakfast, right? And there’s no reason Thanksgiving breakfast can’t be just as delicious as dinner is.

And we have some ideas! So, here are five breakfast ideas you can make for the perfect Turkey Day morning.

Cinnamon rolls

Is there anything better than a cinnamon roll? It’s cinnamon, yeasted dough, and cream cheese icing…what’s not to like? And since this amount of sugar has been deemed appropriate for breakfast, why not have it on the most food-centric day of the year?

And please, do not feel the need to make them from scratch if you don’t want to. The Pillsbury kind you whack on the counter to open are just as delicious.

Pumpkin bread

Thanksgiving is all about pumpkin desserts so why not bring those flavors to breakfast. Pumpkin bread is the perfect addition to any Thanksgiving morning. Especially if you’re too busy to really sit down and have a full-on breakfast.

Thanksgiving breakfast doesn’t need to be boring with these ideas

You can make it beforehand, slice off a slab, spread some butter (or apple butter) on it, and you have a delicious breakfast to get you through the day.

Fruit and yogurt

If you want a breakfast on the lighter side (or so you can make room for the epic portions you’ll be eating later), fruit and yogurt is the perfect option. Pick whatever fruits you like and any flavor yogurt you enjoy.

Stir them together or layer them into a parfait and you have a healthy breakfast that will leave plenty of room for those two slices of pumpkin pie (and extra helping of stuffing) you have later.

Pumpkin pancakes

Can’t get enough pumpkin? If you have the time or are staying home for Thanksgiving, pumpkin pancakes are a great way to start off Thanksgiving right. And if you don’t already have a recipe, just search online. There are tons of options.

Top your pancakes with maple syrup, butter, powdered sugar, or whipped cream (or all four) and dig in. You might need a nap after these so proceed with caution.


Looking for something a bit more savory? There really is nothing better than a quiche, especially if you have guests on Thanksgiving morning. With a quiche, you don’t have to make eggs for everyone. It’s all in one pie.

Once again, don’t feel the need to make everything from scratch. Buy a premade pie crust (or use one leftover from the pumpkin pie you made), crack a few eggs, and add whatever extras you want. Spinach, cheese, and bacon are all classic quiche flavors but you can really add anything you like.

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What will you be making for breakfast on Thanksgiving? Let us know in the comments below!