Is Boston Market open on Thanksgiving Day 2021?

Whether you are looking to skip cooking the sides or you want someone else to cook the turkey or ham on Thanksgiving, you may be looking to Boston Market for answers.

Over the years, Boston Market has proven repeatedly that they live up to the “Home Style Meals” on their signs. Whether you are sticking with chicken and sides for an entree or indulging with their Prime Rib, Baby Back Ribs, or their Meatloaf, this is a restaurant that knows their meats. But their sides are just as amazing as their proteins, which is why we love them.

Honestly, there is nothing better than getting a full side of their Creamed Spinach, Sweet Potato Casserole, or their Mac & Cheese. And at the holidays, especially on Thanksgiving, these are all the sides and even meats that we want on our dinner table.

So if you are looking to skip out on some or even all of the cooking this year, you may be wondering if Boston Market will be open.

Will Boston Market be open on Thanksgiving Day?

According to Country Living, the answer is yes. Boston Market will be open on Thanksgiving Day.

And over on the Boston Market website, you can actually hit up their holiday page, where they talk about catering your Thanksgiving. There, you can find plenty of inspiration for getting your holiday done right.

After browsing their holiday page, we know exactly what we want to eat for Thanksgiving dinner (and dessert). While you may not be able to order your Thanksgiving dinner online anymore, that doesn’t mean we can’t head into the restaurant and pick up a few sides for dinner or even get dinner tonight.

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